Ebook now available (and all these other things)

It’s pseudo-summer in Portland, which means sun bursts interrupting our regularly scheduled rainfest. Hooray for pale pallor disruption! Hooray for tacos and margaritas on porches! Hooray for all the things!

The ebook for Psychopomp Volume One has arrived, and is available via the following link land. 

It’s also available from me directly in mobi, epub, or pdf formats at $3.99. Click this button right here and shake all the change from your pockets POST HASTE!n .mobi or pdf format. The cost is the same either way: $3.99.



For those of you who’ve been waiting (im)patiently for me to finish Volume Two: All of Us Are Hiding, I’ve got bright news: I recently received a RACC Professional Development grant to attend the Port Townsend Writer’s Conference in Washington. This conference is unusual, in that it also functions as a retreat without the competitive aspect most retreats implement to make sure participants all have active New York-based book deals and a last name evoking images of liberal intellectualism. The only competition I’m interested in engaging with other writers involves the phrase “demolition derby” and I really wish the AWP would get on that already.

Anyway, for two weeks I’ll occupy a state park and wade through the too many pages of writing completed while building volume two. The location is isolated enough that it’s unlikely that I’ll have a wireless connection, which means less hours wasted wandering around social network sites spying on people I’m attracted to and folks I haven’t seen in decades. When I’m not locked into writing whatnot, I’ll be able to wander around and get my Thoreau on during the most predictably dry month on the year. This and my winning $10 scratch lottery ticket clearly indicate the tide has turned.

If you haven’t read mah book already, this very affordable ebook version should tickle your fancy (and wallet) into immediate action. Feel free to tell everyone standing in that agonizing roller coaster line all about it. Please read the ebook with both feet firmly planted on the floor, after memorizing the security code of your favorite credit card and drinking no less than two cups of coffee. This ebook will not make you a more social person. It will not assist with voting in forthcoming elections. It will not get you out of jury duty. It will not guarantee admission to the college of your choice. It’s unlikely to result in a fruitful job search, a healthy 401K plan, or to resolve any lingering addictions. It’s recommended that you purchase six copies. Upon purchase of the sixth, you’ll be granted short-term access to the invisible seventh level, which will cause everything in your pockets to spontaneously explode. Please empty your pockets to avoid this sort of unfortunate accident.

Happy reading to you all.

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